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After managing a team that consisted of a college intern all the way through to someone who was the age that one would 'traditionally'  retire, I had a first-hand crash course in how to communicate most effectively with each team member. I assumed this had a lot to do with age, but more to do with their personalities.

How wrong... and right I was...

Little did I know, I had just discovered the tip of the ice burg when it comes to managing multi-generational teams.

If I had this book, Geeks, Geezers & Googlization (GGG) by Ira S. Wolfe, last year, I would have been better informed about the mind-set of each generation, what matters most to them about work and how best to communicate, praise, engage and motivate....not just who likes email vs. IM vs. face-to-face conversations.

Added bonus - Mark and Mike - the author wholly supports and advocates DISC.