I am in the process of trying to leave my current company, where I have been my whole career, in part because my boss is reducing my responsibilities and has made comments to suggest that further diminishment of my role may be coming.

I did two recruiter phone screens yesterday and have confirmation that I will to proceed to an interview with the hiring manager with one company. I should hear from the other by tomorrow, but I am optimistic.

Based on my personality and my boss' comments my self-confidence is low. Manager Tools is helping. I had listened to most of the free interview casts and used them to prepare for the phone screens. In on one of the interviews, one of the questions was the greatest accomplishment question. Based on my preparation, I was able to easily describe the most challenging project that I have completed. When I was done, I felt prouder of my work than I have in a long time.

After the phone screens, I purchased the interview series and worked on the general store exercise. I now have a three page bullet-point Word doc organized by my skills and positive attributes with the supporting examples. It is a great boost to my self-confidence to see all of those accomplishments and all of my skills and traits that made the accomplishments possible. I feel more proud of my work than I have in while, and that's a great mindset to have going into the next round of interviews.

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Firstly, try to figure out what you gonna do after you quit

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First, build your confidence. Assess on which part of the work is your low point and work it out. 

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Try to practice in front of a mirror to see yourself. Pay attention on how you talk, eye contact and dress attire. This will help you boost your interview confidence.