Hello Mike & Mark,

First, let me thank you and congratulate you on the excellent sessions that you produce.

Second, I'm a SW-developer and still not a manager. Nevertheless, the material that you produce is effective not only for managers but also for "technical leaders". For professionals that want to contribute their best to their company.
Presentations, Brain-Storms etc, are tasks that many professionals are required to do no matter what position they hold.

Third (and last :D ), is there anywhere the possibility to get the "How-to" list with the steps that you elaborate on each podcast?

Thank you again and have an excellent and fruitful year.


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Yes, once we release/begin selling premium content. Premium content will be about $15 a month, and will include transcripts and slides for every show.

We're working on all that now.


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Will those transcripts be available retroactively?

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Yes, but at some nominal fee.

What Mike and I have been discussing is this: 15-20 dollars (US) per month for premium content. All premium "content" - and for the millionth time the weekly/monthly podcasts will always be free - from the time when you subscribe will be available to you.

For back issues, we will have several casts - you can guess which, surely - that will be free in an initial offering of premium content.

ANY cast's premium content - which is not only an edited transcript but a PowerPoint outline - will be available on per cast cost of maybe 5 dollars, we think.

This is subject to change. We have struggled with implementing this technically, as well as legally, to say nothing of the real roadblock, which is our concerns around quality.

Hope this helps!



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I totally agree that you need to start generating recurring revenue for your efforts, you're not a charity afterall.

I for one see a tangible value in your combined output so would certainly conssider paying for value added content. Not sure for me if monthly is the model of the shopping cart approach. Obviously one is far easier to maintain for you both than the other.

I notice that you sometimes do these book giveaways. Once you start charging you get the nice option to reward member interaction and help turn subsribers into content partners. You could give x months free subscription for most valued/useful/relevant content submitted by a member. Panel or member vote??