I'm trying to put together a proposal to have my boss pay for me to attend the upcoming MT training in San Jose.

Has anyone done a similar and willing to share their research section?



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The cast came out just after I had sent an email to my boss when I was trying to get the budget to attend the London Effective Managers Conference in June this year. Unfortunatley the cast was about 1 week late for me.

However, I got the budget and the course was brilliant!

I followed up with my boss - let him know what I learnt and wrote up a report that is getting discussed at the Senior Managers Forum later this month to see if Manager Tools could be used in my organisation.

The email I sent to my boss is below - I obviously discussed it with him first but I had to put it into writing so he could try to get authorisation from his boss - which he did!

The Manager Tools courses are the best and you will not only learn loads from the content of the course, you will also learn how a day long meeting should be run - breaks, keeping to agenda, parking lot etc.

I hope this helps.



Hi John,
I am really keen to attend the Manager Tools Effective Managers Conference in London on 23rd June 2010.
By attending this conference I will develop my Management Skills further which will help when I return to Edinburgh PAh in early 2011.
I have developed well as a manager since becoming SVS in 2007. I am still at the very early stages in this development and need to continue learning in order to keep growing. I have attended all the appropriate Head Office courses in management. Last year I attended the Manager Tools Effective Communications Course which I found immensely beneficial and it compounded my learning from the Manager Tools Podcasts I regularly listen to.
By attending this conference it will help me further develop in a small group environment, ( there will be 20 participants max ) in my preferred learning style. I will then have more detailed knowledge to take back to Edinburgh PAh when I return in 2011, with the aim to make further advancements making us the top performing PAh. After attending the Effective Communications Conference last year, and getting so much from it ( including me running a DISC profile session for my local management team ) I feel this would be the next step in my management development.
I propose I use my 2010 CPD budget towards this course. I completed around 90hours of clinical CPD in 2009 and plan to attend PDSA internal CPD, free CPD and I also get to attend the Veterinary Wound Healing Association CPD free as I am a council member. This will mean I will complete the 35hours for the year and am already  way ahead of the RCVS requirements.
By attending this course while I am on my temporary Project Management secondment, I will be able to use these skills in a slightly different environment before putting them to full use when back in the PAh. It will give me skills to use to help with my project, helping me become more effective and therefore get back to the PAh without delay. It will also help to keep me really motivated in my management development which I feel is the essential skill in leading a PAh team successfully.
With your permission I would like to book my place on the Manager Tools Effective Managers Conference on June 23rd 2010. After the conference I will write up a summary of the course with the salient learning points and the specific actions I will be taking following the advice from the conference. I would also  be keen to share what I learnt within the region (and PDSA as a whole) to make sure the society gets as much from me attending the course if you feel it was appropriate.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks Stuart. Thanks also for the testimonial