How can I convince my supervisor that this is a good idea? I have tried to set up a time with him every week, and he sticks to it for a while, but it soon goes by the wayside.

As an employee this tells me a number of things that are not desireable, so should I continue to press the point or do you think there are other issues underneath the surface that need to be addressed?

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You can't manage your boss.

Listen to our cast on boss management - that's the best you can do.

Stop worrying about him, and worry about your results.

DELIVER RESULTS. That's the way to get what you want from your boss.


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Mark is absolutely right on this one. My boss thought that O3's were cute and said that it would pass when I started doing them. Now he is doing them. Sometimes an example speaks louder than anything else.

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Well said. I need to go back and find that podcast, but I think you have just given me the gist of it from what I can see here and in another forum topic where you said almost the same thing.

That is very helpful, thank you.