One of my subordinates is getting married. I did a collection from my team for those who wished to contribute to a group gift. Some team members pitched in, some didn't. When I put down who it's from, do I only put the team member names that contributed? Or do I put a generic "From your coworkers"?

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In my view, there ought be no pressure to contribute. This implies that the gift is, indeed, from the group irrespective of their ability to contribute. Everyone's circumstances are different.

You solicited from the group. As such, the gift is "From your coworkers."

Congratulations to your direct.

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 Yes, that was the way I was leaning. Thanks for the advice.

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Make it from the group
 by calling people out as givers and non-givers, you end up poisioning relationships of other team members without knowing why someone can not give at this moment.

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