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 When I was in University, I worked for a law firm.  They get students in every year over summer to provide research.  I joined in February as an employee, not a research student, to provide administrative support on a project.


When summer hit, the students came in and I joined the research pool.  Shorty, as a result of consistent good research, and by exhibiting coaching skills, I was promoted to research co-ordinator.  This is the title I use on my CV.

Again, as a result of good work and coaching, the research team produced more research, and I got to spend less time on my own research, and more time managing the team and representing the firm in client meetings and conferences.  I started giving legal advice (supervised) to some clients.

My question therefore is this: for a young student, I consider being trusted with these responsibilities quite an achievement, in comparison to the normal distribution of experience/responsibility within law students.  How do I demonstrate these on a CV as achievements?  They have no quantifiable effect, but students don't do this work!

The effect may have been that partners spent less time on whatever, and I took some of their workload, but I can't quantify, prove or demonstrate that.

Anybody got some advice?

If it helps, I've attached the 1 page and 2 page CVs, you can see how I've moved the achievement bullets to the responsibility statements.