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* Should I give top candidates for management positions under me a copy of _The Effective Manger_ | Manager Tools Book and refer them to a couple of Podcasts as "Homework" and let them know that using MT is a _non-negotiable_ in my organization ?

Background :

I have some upcoming Reorganization and open management positions soon.

I am considering giving top candidates a copy of The Effective Manager and referring them to some M-T Podcasts 

-- Such as "Welcome to They"

As I am doing the re-org.

This way I can let them know that M-T, and Professional Subordination is what I will expect from them before they apply for or seriously consider going forward taking management roles under my Direction.


I am new into my position and this will be a big change --- Yes - it is after 90 days.  

-- The only potential problem is that most of these candidates are already my direct reports, whom I have known for years,  and I plan on promoting them into managers under me -  because the org has become larger and I am losing span of control.


Will I have to accept keeping the organization Flat -- if they say "No"  they don't want the promotion under that condition ?

What do you all think ?