I just finished listening to the podcast on "Improving Your Feedback" and enjoyed it throughly.

In the podcast, M&M talk about how to structure feedback using DISC and to structure it in a way that the person can related to. This makes sense to me, except in the following case: How would I give feedback to a High C about a High C behavior that is not necessarily productive or effective in certain situations?

Example: The employee I wish to give feedback to often quotes policy to me when I try to implement changes. Being newer to the company than she, she is sometimes right and I am grateful for her telling me the policy and not making me look bad. At other times, she quotes policy, but the things we want to change or implement don't necessarily match the policy she is quoting (i.e. a "gray" area) or she asks for the policy and there isn't one, and she starts to fret about it.

So, how to structure feedback about High C behavior to a High C person? I don't think "When you quote policy to me and my boss, the following happens...." will match her "world" since she is policy oriented.



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Hi Tony,

Without knowing the changes you want to implement, it's difficult to offer specific advice, but I'll give it a try. How about something like this:

"Thank you for helping me see the importance of policy. I hope you realize, though, that we work in the world of business, and there are going to be a lot a gray areas. It's simply not possible to quantify every possible situation with a policy. I want to help you succeed, so how can we work together as a team to try and improve things?"