I had a project, where I was the lead, and a peer of mine was one of my resources.  This project took place in a remote location.  My peer completed his tasks and left the site on schedule.  I needed to stay in the remote location to complete other aspects of the project.  After this peer left I needed to review the work he had done to ensure the work was consistent with our other locations.  This was the first time he had preformed these types of tasks.

He made a large enough amount of silly mistakes were I feel feedback is justified.  These mistakes could affect the operations of the remote site, in the long term.  My question is, should I call him and deliver the feed back right away or wait a over a week to give the feedback in person?

So you have a little background on the peer I'm referring to.  He seems to me to be a mix of high D/I.  He also has a history of making mistakes like the ones he made on this project.  He is knowledgeable but takes action too quickly.  There are times when this is a good thing, but when working on these remote projects were we only have a small window to preform the work, its causing more work for me.

I'm going to have to do a similar project with him in a month and would like to know your thoughts on this.

Thank you,