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Everyone here seems to agree that giving out interview questions in advance is a dumb idea - it's like a teacher giving out test questions in advance.

Ok, I get that. But if I follow MT guidance I am going to be probing the heck out of every answer they give. So I'd rather have them come prepared with really good, thoughtful examples of their past behavior - examples that I can harvest a ton of data from by heavy probing. If I'm 'surprising' them with the questions, the examples they think of on the fly may not have much meat to them, and I'm not as likely to learn as much.

Am I crazy?

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I feel helping the candidate prep is the correct way to do it. Google and Facebook also tell you the general themes of what they will be asking you. They do not however tell the exact questions that would be asked. Perhaps that's a good compromise. If someone knew that he was going to be drilled deep about a certain topic, and didn't come prepared you know what kind of person he is.