I have recently seen management at my company make decisions I think are counter-productive... And especially will result in outcomes that are opposed to their stated goals.

It's like me to just keep my mouth shut; but I wonder if that is the best thing for me and my company.

I don't want to second guess management, because they probably have considered facts that I'm not aware of. However, in this case, I think I have some insights that might help.

I'm afraid my comments will be dismissed and the net result for me will be that I'll be viewed as not a team player.

Any advice?

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You clearly expressed your reasons in your post, I think you can use that to open your discussion akinsgre and simply emphasize that you trust there decision and simply wanted to ensure your concerns where heard. Your honesty in your comment of feeling you have some helpful insights should be appreciated, not looked down on.

Remember, being a team player does not mean, following the masses. Its means you do what is best for the team!!