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BLUF:  I've been asked for LinkedIn recommendations by two managers at my current company.  This feels inappropriate to me, and I wonder if others have an opinion on it.  

I really hesitate to give a recommendation for people still employed at my company.  But if I refuse the request, I wonder if my refusal may be interpreted as a vote of no-confidence, which might harm my relationship with the individual.  

What's the best way to decline this type of recommendation?  I read the show notes on giving a reference, but this seems like a special case.  

I appreciate the opinions of this community on the subject.  Thanks.  


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Update on this.  I've since learned that our company has a written policy forbidding employees from giving recommendations.  And, the policy specifically mentions external web sites.  So, this is my 'out' to easily refuse the request.  But it still seems inappropriate for these managers to ask.