In the Giving Updates In Staff Meetings - Part 2 podcast, Mike and Mark again give us some great practical/doable advice.  I love the 3 step approach to giving an update, especially the second and third components (it must be the high S in me). 

I thought about suggesting the update idea at my work, but first I brought it up to some friends of mine.  They were not enthused with the idea.  I thought that apart from keeping everyone else abreast of what my coworkers and myself were doing it would be a great place to keep a record of their daily activities and accomplishments for their annual reviews (so they could go back and review what they've done throughout the year). 

They didn't see it that way.  One of them said, "Yeah, what if I was just doing my job that week?!?  I don't have time to write down every little thing I did." 

First,  is using the meeting notes as a place to keep weekly updates a bad idea? 

Second, any suggesions for me if I bring this forward to my boss or the group and I get the same reaction?

I'm not sure how to take my friends' reactions.  To me, it smacks of laziness, but I know they aren't.   (I get the feeling that they are a bit lazy...but I might be overreacting).   I'm  not sure how to take their reaction.  I'm a little suprised and disappointed. 

Any suggestions?  Find some new friends maybe?

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I have feel into this trap a number of times when I have had good idea's... having a good part of High I, I have a lot of idea's and I have learned the hard way that just because it sounds like a fantastic idea for me, doesnt mean everyone else think it's fantastic.

What I have found great is to write down all my idea's and sell them to different individual's in the team during 1 to 1 sessions. Knowing my guys well, mean's that I know who is interested in different area's and who to get to drive what... When I have sold it to someone within my group, I ask them to look into it and see if it would be interesting for the team to do, maybe they want to "go first" etc, but in general people are often more willing to listen if their "peer's" have a good idea then the boss "mandating his 566 bright idea this week to to be implemented ASAP"

The benefit? It get's your idea's bounced around before they get rolled out, if good enough they are already delegated and usually your guys tread your task's as big ball's which means they put more focus on them then you maybe have time to.

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Mads Sorensen
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Thanks for your input, Mads.  Great points all.