I downloaded this book a couple of months ago. Seemed targeted for salespeople, but has some good stuff about setting/achieving goals.

If you haven't read it, the message is to write down your goals everyday as "we become what we think about, most of the time". And I got to thinking about setting my own goals and how I could remind myself regularly. Here's my tip:

An easy way to affirm our goals is to use your computer password. My workplace (and probably yours) requires "hard passwords". Hard passwords are those that are alphanumeric, must contain some special characters, and cannot be sequential or easy for someone to guess. So, I integrate my goals into my password. For instance, a goal of mine is to attain my goal weight of 210 lbs. So, my password will be something like this:
As I hope you'll see, I am using the phonetic spelling of the word "weigh". If it is not clear, this goal or affirmation reminds me that my goal is "I weigh 210". The neat thing about this is that screensaver policies lock the screen after so many minutes and I am forced to type in my goal to regain access to my work on the computer. This happens several times a time.

Would love to hear if anyone else is already doing this.


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Hi Mike

I thought this was a kooky girly thing to do, but obviously not! I always make sure my password is a positive, affirming phrase and it makes me smile every time I type it!

I also recently read Take Back Your Life Using Outlook by S McGhee, which recommends having folders in outlook and on your desktop arranged by your top level goals. It's a great way of organising, and it means you look at your goals 100002 times a day, and certainly keeps them at the top of your mind. Also, when you can't find somewhere to file something, it means it doesn't fit your goals, and encourages you to trash it, or get rid of it somehow.