Mark's "Things I Think I Think" always challenge me. I enjoyed his last one on handwriting and doing O3's. Just wanted to share something I've started doing. I take notes with the form MT gives us. Sometimes I do use a grid paper if I know there's going to be a lot to talk about or debrief.

What I do next is scan the O3 notes into Evernote. That way I have them right on my computer and can access them from anywhere, even on my iphone. What I have had to do though is be more legible. I've got great handwriting, but that's way to slow in taking notes in O3's. So I do my best to take my notes by printing not cursive. 

I have been following Michael Hyatt's blog ( and his journey going paperless. He uses a double-sided scanner, Evernote and Nozbe in tandem to stay organized. It has been working for me, especially in O3's. Also my desk is paperless at home & work. It's kind of cool. My admin knows the drill so scans for me as well.