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Hi All,

I am using the forums to thank a friend who took time to talk to me today - more time than he had planned, I am sure.

I was reminded of him this evening as I was cleaning up a backlog of posts in my RSS Feed reader. Somewhere around the 5th paragraph, I quote

"slightly boring people are more likely to thrive."

See the full article here:

Cheers to all of us whose goal is to be.......boring....    and Effective Managers.

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Ha!  good quote....      although....

I disagree:  Managers aren't boring people, and the work they and their teams do can be exciting.  It's the blocking and tackling of management that's boring.  

Tiger Woods spends most of his professional time practicing, hitting balls.  Boring stuff.  He's not, however, a boring player.  

John Hack

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Hi John,

You are correct; managers are not boring! The practice, practice, practice part can be the boring part, to some, although I gather that most of us who practice here start enjoying the practicing more and more as the results improve.

Hey- hopefully soon we can all start feeling like Tiger!