Recently we had an audit from our regulator, the Environment Agency. They came to assess compliance with our operating licence.
We went through operations, record keeping, business systems (we have ISO 14001 & whatever other numbers there are for management systems and environmental management systems) and then came to what they call an "overarching condition". This is what they veiw as a critical condition to the effective operation of our site and the one they chose was management, ie how those in charge ran the site.
We had a question and answer session about how information was disseminated to staff and how we ensure people are competant to do their job.
All my answers revolved around One on One's, feedback and coaching. The inspector was blown away when I went through the process and showed him the documentation I keep. He even went as far as saying he was going to try and start doing the same with his team in the Agency!!

Another huge round of thanks to M&M for all their efforts.

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Well done Andy!

I know what a nightmare these things can be and a good review is great to get.


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Congratulations! Ride your Cloud 9 for a while - you earned it (just don't forget those O3's!)

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I can't belive I missed this :oops: - this is my field, Management Systems and I never made the connection between the M-T trinity and outcome based auditing :idea:

Thank's Andy 8) Now I need to go and revamp my systems.

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We love it when you guys succeed!



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My link of PDCA of any management system with MT 4 Pillars.

Plan = Delegate.

Do= Coaching

Check = Feedback

Act= Performance Review.

This works for me perfect.