I just listened to the Google Job Search cast #3 where Mark and Mike say they've never heard of anyone getting a job through a job board.

Well, I just got a job after being unemployed three months, through the hiring manager finding my resume on Monster. :)

However, I'm not trying to say "they're wrong." I chalk it up to a) divine intervention, and b) the fact that a resume search on the terms "Rockford IL" and "technical publications" will only bring up a handful of results. Literally--I'm sure you could count the results on one hand... especially if you filter further by "manager."

I won't be supervising people any more. My title will be "Coordinator." Someone suggested I look up the information on Matrix organizations. I didn't think to ask in the interview if that's how things are organized, but I'll find out soon enough! I start on June 17.