I will start first with my current job, this part will be short. I work in the telecommunications field and drive a company vehicle traveling the state of Indiana on a daily basis. When I got that job I had a spotless driving record going back at least 7 years. My record stayed clean until 2012 where I got 2 speeding ticket 6 months apart. I got them in my personal vehicle, not the company vehicle.


I have a job offer at Level 3 Communications in Texas, which is my wifes home state and all her family is there. The offer is pending a background check and drivers record check. I am not too worried about the background check but the driving record has me loosing sleep. My wife would love to relocate, but could these two speeding tickets eliminate my candidacy for the position? I paid the tickets on time and even took a Defensive Drivers course to remove all but 2 points from my license.


I know that my record is what it is and there is nothing I can do to change it now, but I can't help but worry. I guess I need some insight on what to expect, how would other managers or companies see this?

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To answer your immediate question: I'd have trouble imagining that *I'd* disqualify someone for a couple of speeding tickets, if that's all there was.  However, I can't speak for another company -- you'll just have to wait and see.

Which means that, at the moment, you *don't* have an offer.  Control has not yet passed to you.  All you have at the moment is a clear indication of the steps that are remaining before you *do* have an offer.  Thus, you shouldn't be resigning from your current job or doing anything else that can't be undone easily until you have accepted the *actual* offer.

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I will not tell anyone, if my current employer finds out before I tell him, it will be by the potential employer checking my reference.