Check out this very honest take on how NOT to interview, and also how TO interview. It's all about not wasting the interviewer's time.

 From Charlie Balmer at Golem Technologies

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Thanks - this is good stuff.

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 I found this very helpful for my interview yesterday. Great post. 

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I think this article is terrible, cringe-inducing advice for resumes and interviews. I would decline any offer from such a manager.

Oddly, I think the advice in the article, broadly, aligns with the excellent methodologies of Manager Tools, and I'd jump at the chance to work for a Manager Tools manager. Why the disconnect?

Attitude. The author of this article, Charlie Balmer, takes a sardonic glee in being knowledgeable and powerful. It's as if we threw Mark Horstmann overboard and replaced him with "Dark Mark." "Dark Mark" in the podcasts is what happens when Mark allows his (justifiable) pride in his acumen to supplant his genuine desire to be helpful. This Balmer guy isn't out to help anybody. Just look at the didactic, condescending tone of statements such as "you send me a stupidly long resume" and "forget it, I have no idea what you want to do in life and you probably don’t either. Come see me when you know what you want to do."

Mark Horstmann is a phosphorescently smart guy, and--reading between the lines--I think Michael Auzenne made a mint in business, but the Manager Tools team is at pains not to sneer at us mere mortals. Mark and Mike genuinely want to help people get better at stuff.  Management is not a computer program, just as sheet music is not music. You can write down every single step, schedule every process, but there must be a human element in there. None is evident in Balmer's article. 

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Sure, the author comes off as an ass but it doesn't mean what he's saying isn't valid.

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"I'll take 90% less ability for 10% more attitude."  It's a Horstman's Law about job interviews. It applies to both sides of the interview desk. The author, my putative future boss, is letting me know that when he's right, he feels no obligation to be courteous toward his underlings.

If he were interviewing me? I'd smile, I'd lean forward, I'd put my D-side on steroids to match his, I'd give thoughtful answers, and I'd close. I'd even send a thank-you note. But I'd turn down his offer even if it were the only one I had.

Sure, what he is saying is valid. But he sneers it in our faces. It's why I'm so glad Manager Tools puts a premium on soft skills.

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 Thanks for the article.  MT has 'ruined' me in a good way as far as screening and recruiting.  Now that I have a better sense of what to look for i am amazed at the terrible resumes, cover letters, and galactically stupid things candidates do.  





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