Mike and Mark,

I have been listening to your podcasts and browsing in the forums for the past few months and I feel it is time to start giving back to the Manager Tools community. So here it goes with my bio.

I am an IT manager for a school district in Northern California. It is a fantastic job with plenty of challenges each day. I support our data center and supervise the Help Desk staff of four. Needless to say, my day is quite busy.

What makes my job difficult is that I went from being a temp field technician to Department Manager in only four years. After starting as a temp, I became a permanent employee and moved up the ranks into my current position. During those four years, I was great at customer service, dedicated, and enthusiastic. Unfortuantely, I was a little light in management skills. Over time, I was able to adapt and fulfil the role as manager. However, I want to be more than an effective manager; I want to be a leader.

Until I found the Manager Tools podcast, I didn't think it was possible to achieve my goal. The Manager Tools podcast is a fantastic resource that will, over time, get me to where I want to be.

I want to thank you both for the work you do. I enjoy listening to your podcasts on my daily commute. You folks make that half hour fly by. Right now, I am in the process of listening to all of the "members only" podcasts. There is some really good stuff there. Can't wait for the DISC podcasts.


Stewart Savage

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Welcome aboard! Glad you're here, and that you're getting value from our work. It's folks like you that we aim to help.

More to come!