I have a weekly team meeting to give updates on what each individual is doing as well as give the team a general update on what's going on department and company-wise. Unfortunately, I never set any ground rules to begin with.

So, I will do this during our next meeting. However, I guess I can assume that we don't have to do this at each meeting. Once they are decided, shall I just put the ground rules in the calendar invite? Hang them up each time? Or, just assume that people know them and "put them to bed".


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I'm in nearly the same boat. My plan is to include the ground rules in each meeting, possibly as a footer to the agenda (if it fits) or on the wall of the meeting room. I'm interested to hear what others have experienced.

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I think they will be forgotten if they are not included. Why don't you hang them up for the first two or three meetings and then append to the agenda as Galway suggests? This keeps thier value.


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You could review them on the first meeting of each month (or quarter, whatever).

Just a thought.

John Hack

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I actually review them quarterly. It takes us about 5-10 minutes in the agenda of a given weekly staff meeting. I ask for feedback, and sum up the revisited ground rules. On the following meeting I read them again as minutes of the last meeting.

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recurring meetings at the top of each agenda.

I have an every other week two hour teleconference and the first standing agenda item is "Welcome and review of groundrules." Most of the attendees are indirects and people who outrank me. The first time that we implemented groundrules, I would go over them at the start of each meeting. As time went on, everyone started to follow them, but I left it as an agenda item in case I ever needed to remind the group.