I was in a group interview (group of candidates) yesterday that had a total of 20 candidates. The process was 4 tables of 5 candidates discussing 5 questions. At each question, rotating evaluators would observe and fill in a chart. The questions included: How would you promote our mission statement? What is a staff performance issue you have dealt with? What would be challenges and rewards of the job? Etc.

When each evaluator came to the table they filled our names into the sheet. I was close to them, but never able to see the sheet to understand what they were evaluating on. I am quite curious to know what could be evaluated in that situation, as I would use this method in the future.

So far I am going to guess some areas of evaluation would be interaction with others; leading a conversation; communication; how you present yourself and your ideas. If anyone who has conducted these types of interviews could shed more light for me, I would appreciate it.

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I've never been in an interview situation like that, but I would recommend purchasing the MT Interviewing Series if you want some insight on what the interviewer is looking for.  I recently went through a round of interviews and while they were nothing like the traditional interview examples used in the Interviewing Series, the preparation I got from those 15 (+2) podcasts was invaluable. 

End result: I was offered last week and I accepted on Friday.  I'm convinced I got the job because the series helped me figure out what they were looking for and how to communicate it based on my past accomplishments.  It was a $150 investment that yielded a great return.


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Well done, Andy.  Let us know how the new position goes...

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