Hi there,

As a frequent listener to the podcasts I somehow lost track of where something is said about growing people.

In my company everyone is like fixed and nobody can image to do more tomorrow. I know that in several podcasts this topic was covered  but I am too blind to find them. The concept of growth is now so in my head that I get nuts when I talk about this to my people.

It is about doing more work tomorrow than you did yesterday.

Does anyone have some suggestions in which podcasts to look for such advice?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Christopher,

Do you mean the stuff in 'my direct doesn't want to change'? 

Cheers Mark

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 Hi Mark!

Thanks for the support. It is not so much about change (not yet) but more on the principle that businesses grow with their people doing more today than yesterday. I can remember something about the big orange ball which you have to shrink over time. 

I guess this is all scattered in the various podcasts. For e.g. I remeber the emails 3 times a day where you allow yourself always shorter periods to process them. This sort of growing.

(Some) people here believe that you always have to hire someone new instead of improving the existing resources.

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 Hi Chris, the part in my direct doesn't want to change is the fantastic MH rant/ pep talk about the world, your clients/ competitors/colleagues/budget growing and x% per year, and if youre not developing then you're going backwards. May be worth a 2nd listen.  




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 Hi Mark!

Thanks than I will listen to this cast as 2nd time. 






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I think you're thinking of the juggling koan -