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Hi MT Community!

BLUF:  Would you please provide guidance on next steps to take to learn and develop skills so I can successfully transition from my current role in Professional Services (coaching and training customers) into roles in product development, management, and marketing in my same division?  I have 3 tasks that I've already completed, and 3 on my "next steps" list, but I would very much appreciate you providing input on the next steps, especially with where to go to learn about the new skills I'll need and how to revise my resume's responsibilities and accomplishments to show where I already have transferable skills.

BACKGROUND:  I have spent the last seven years in Professional Services with the same educational company, and I was promoted to a people manager 22 months ago.  Due to a recent reorg, there will be no opportunities for promotion soon, and while there are ways for me to continue learning in my position, it's just more of the same types of skills--learning new content for presentations and coaching sessions, supporting customers with implementation planning and delivery of services--and that's not enough for me.

I know that learning skills in  product management, development, and marketing overall will also increase opportunities for movement and promotion inside and outside my company.  It can also help me to contribute to growing my company's market share in Professional Services by allowing me to leverage both my experience with training and coaching educators as well as my internal and external customer relationships to help us develop new services offerings.


  1. I am monitoring company job postings and have applied for jobs in other areas that I have either 75% of the skills for, or have work experience that can translate into those skills (Completed 1/27/20I recently applied for two roles recently posted in our Professional Services division that are aligned to different VPs--Senior Instructional Designer and Senior Product Manager--and believe I can use my experience in the division to contribute to the product development and management sides of the business.  I heard from my new friend in HR that they are slowing down with hiring, and she would let me know when she sent the hiring manager my application.)
  2. During Skip call with my SVP, when she asked what support or help do I need from her, I asked to be part of future projects that involve us collaborating with our product marketing and content development colleagues on our new service products(COMPLETED 1/28/20)
  3. Conducted an informational interview with a colleague who recently made the transition from Manager of Professional Learning to Senior Product Manager in a related business line. (COMPLETED 1/30/20)



  1. Per my colleague's recommendations, review my resume to see where I can revise my responsibilities and accomplishments to have a revenue-focused lens (i.e. change "managed the delivery of 342 service days for XX professional learning services from 2016-2018" to "managed a $__ million implementation of XX professional learning services from 2016-2018" 
  2. Schedule an informational interview with a colleague already on the Professional Services Product Development team to learn more about her role and the team. (have someone in mind, just need to reach out to schedule)
  3. Continue to ask for opportunities to collaborate on cross-organizational projects
  4. Read highly recommended books on marketing, product management, and business analysis--WHICH BOOKS?
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