In addition to O3s, I also do a staff meeting with all my directs each week. One of the things we do in the staff meetings is to review the company goals and how we are doing with those. Is it a good idea to delegate items to the the directs while in meeting ? 


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See guidance in podcasts found when searching the Map of the Universe for "Staff Meetings".

  • Hall-of-Fame 'casts "How to Run Your Staff Meeting" -- everyone contributes, and at least one direct gets to talk on something larger like progress on team contribution to company goals -- most likely to help you answer your question
  • "Giving Updates In Staff Meetings" -- guidance for directs for their regular contributions
  • "Staff Meeting Delegation and Succession Planning" -- delegating the meeting itself, great especially for your number-two

Yes, you'll probably make decisions in these meetings, and craft and assign specific deliverables -- just like any other time you get together with a direct, such as one-on-ones.