I have been working as a Technical Lead for almost 2.5 years and I have aspirations to become a Manager. This is the goal that I have set to myself to achieve by 2016. I was working with one team earlier where I was the tech lead. Currently I'm the Tech Lead for 2 different teams where I work with close to 10 resources. The team size in my company is very small(~ 2-5 member team). Both the teams I work with has a Manager. And I'm the shared Tech lead between both the teams. The plan to make me the Tech lead for 2 teams came ine when they thought I multi-task very well and my potential can be used across teams I work with.

One of my team's manager keeps complaining that the sharing of the Tech lead is not working and has been giving me ideas that I should not take up additional responsibilities and just focus on her team's work. He was used to seeing me work full time on her project earlier and he thinks sharing the lead has made my contributions lower than before.

My other team's manager thinks there is enough budget and both the projects will be led by me and I will have resources whom I will work with and also contribute as much as possible, Also this team is helping me to grow in the Management role by giving me tasks like budgeting, coordination, more delegation and other management level activities.

How should I deal with my other Manager who keeps bringing up the topic that sharing isnt working? Why is he not giving me any potential to grow? All his tasks are related maintenance and bug fixes which I had been doing for the last 6 years. Why is he asking me not to take additional responsibilities and just stick to bug fixing?  I have communicated my aspirations and goals to both my managers. 

I want to create an amicable atmosphere where both my managers are happy and I progress as well. I want to understand if there are issues in my end and be prepared to face consequences. I also want to achieve what I deserve. I dont want to shadowed or kept in the dark for a long time when I have a chance to grow. I dont want to kill myself by working 200% (100% on each team) which is practically impossible. What would you do if you were my shoe? Your suggestions will help me think in a perspective I'm missing.



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 When manager #1 says the shared arrangement is not working, what does she mean?  Are deadlines being missed, other targets not being hit, are you just not there when they want you to be?   If there's a legitimate gap in performance due to the sharing arrangement, those need to be addressed.