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 Five fantastically successful years. Keep doing what you are doing, Manager Tools! All the Best for many more years - from Karen Adams and the HSBC Jordan Team.

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Hey Mark and Mike and Maggie and Wendii,


Congrats on reaching the 5 year mark!!



Steve Klosky

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To all at MT, thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom with us for all these years.

I have really enjoyed listening to the podcasts these years, and having had the privilege of attending a couple of conferences and meet you, it has made it all much more special. You have a really loyal community of followers and we wish you all many many more years of success.


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I have just one year knowing Manager Tools, and you are the best. Your work is not only for real life jobs, but for all aspects of live.

So Wish you all the best and once again

Thank you

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Just browsed to HBR Ideacast iTunes page. Their "Listeners also subscribed to" list reads:

That's not the worst possible company to be listed with.

Congratulations, Manager Tools!

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I can't believe I missed it by a month.  *hangs head in shame*

Regardless, MT ROCKS!  Definitely keep doing what you do!  We appreciate you.  :)

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