Hello All;

I am a new mid-level manager with my organization and have been spending a load of time listening to the Manager Tools podcasts which have been great!

I was curious whether or not someone has implemented DISC profiling within a sales force with the primary purpose of helping sales people interact more effectively with their customers.

Anyone have any advice or experiences they can relate?


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Yes, I have. Worked great.

Have everyone do the DiSC, and then teach them how to learn others' profiles, and practice adjusting their own behaviors to match customers.

Simple, and damned effective.


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Thanks Mark, quick feedback is always a great help!

I come from a sales background and currently manage a group of sales and technical people. I couldn't help but think how much more effective a sales person I would have been had I know about disk 5 years ago.

I think your podcasts are great and I worry about withdrawl once I get through them all. The 2 hour daily commutes sure eat them up.


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Ahh, the deadly "I am all caught up" complaint. Please no whining. :wink:

We never dreamed it would be an issue...but we're glad you're getting value from our work.