I've been in a lower management position now for almost 3 years. This is my first manager position ever and I was very excited about getting this opportunity when I first started. I was always very enthusiastic about my work and would say on a daily basis that I love my job and the company I work for. This was the case until about 6 months ago, when I was contacted by a recruiter about a position in a completely different industry, different state, much higher pay and much more responsibility. I was offered this opportunity due to my language skills. It was as if this screamed at me "Hey, if you could get this job, who knows what else you can go for". I ended up not pursuing this job but ever since then I think I've been overly excited to see what else I could do.

Right now the problem I have is also that I'm not happy in my job just because of the clientel we deal with. I have to say our company is great, the benefits are perfect for my situation and I don't see myself finding another job that pays me the same in this area. I have been constantly looking for other opportunities but I'm not sure if I should stick it out. I'm 27 and I get emotional and dramatic at times (e.g. if I have a bad day I want to quit). This sounds very childish and probably is.

I work in residential real estate (affordable section) and I have come to the conclusion that it is not for me. I like real estate, but not the residential part of it and dealing with people who are smooching off the system. I'm not allowed to make certain decisions and can't make improvements as they are not welcomed by my supervisor.

I know that I could probably be transferred to a bigger property in the future, which would provide me with a bigger salary, but it will still be the same environment and I know I'm not happy with that.

I need someone to set me straight. Should I get over it and continue to try for the best at my current job or is it time for me to explore other areas before I end up wasting my time and energy?