Hi, new to the site so hello to you all. I am looking for some advice. I have been a manager for coming up to 4 years now, after coming back off maternity leave I was assigned a new team within my old division and there is one character that I am struggling with. Let's call him James! James was still on probation when I started, within 2 weeks of be managing him I received a complaint about him from another department which I had to speak to him about, it was in relation to his attitude on a training course. He was at first very dismissive of me so I came down a bit harder which seemed to work. There was then an issue of him never being at his desk! always wandering around the building chatting to other colleagues! coupled with his general bad attitude I extended his probation setting him clear goals to meet. This worked well, he showed good improvement and all was fine. We made him permanent and he made us aware of medical issues of depression and dyslexia. I set up weekly one to ones with him, we talked a lot about him and being part of the team but also he spoke about being bored in the role and wanting to take on projects. I said in the last one to one we had that I wanted him to master his role before taking on any projects. He took it fine at the time but then he missed the next two one to ones, when I approached him about it he said he had nothing to say at them. I said I still wanted to meet and he questioned the structure. I said there wasn't a formal structure as it was an informal catch up but a one to one should follow a pattern of current work, upcoming work, training, any issues, support needed etc. we then met again where he was very uncommunicative, it was uncomfortable. He wouldn't look at me and almost portrayed a image of someone who was being abused! Must make it clear that I am not in any way hard line manager, I see myself as being quite open and friendly! The whole persona confused me. When I questioned him about his change in behaviour I got little back. He has since communicated very formally to me via email on things he has no option to do so on, but apart from that he hasn't really spoken to me. Our next one to one is coming up and I am struggling to know what angle to take with him. Generally I think he has a problem with being managed full stop and I know he takes a dim view on the management structure seeing it as very much him and them. Any advice much appreciated!