BLUF: Should I take more exciting new role with more responsibility when I was happy with my current job and it would disrupt my family?


I currently have a job in a company I really like with good prospects for promotion next year.

I'm not job hunting but recently a friend and former colleague got in contact about an opportunity at his company. It's basically the International version of my curent job so a lot more responsibility, international travel, more interesting and good development with similar progression prospects but obviously lacking the good will I've built at my current company. The money is slightly more. The industry is slightly better but the new company is smaller than my current one.
It involves moving across the UK which while not far is a shame for close friends and family we currently live very near. I rent, have no children and my partner works from home and so his work is unaffected. I think my partner would be sad to move away from friends and family but supportive of me but I don't want to be 'penny smart and pound foolish' and upset my partner. I suppose I'm worried to make a big move and it turning out to be the wrong decision for some reason.

Ive listened to the accepting offer and relocation related casts but I'm still struggling to take the plunge.

Any advice?

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Sounds like you need to discuss the opportunity with your partner and weigh up all the pros and cons verses your current position/prospects.

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I second "discuss it with your partner".  When I come upon a major decision like this, I talk out with my wife what we want and how a change would affect the household.  This goes beyond "where would we live" to "what does that mean for (partner's) work and emotions around that".  Your partner will likely have observations about you (and him!) which alter or expand your criteria.

I've moved my household away from friends and family to pursue specific opportunities before.  I've even done twice-a-week commutes between Silicon Valley and Los Angelos area for a nine-month period, with the household split during the week, and my wife and children overall happy with the arrangement.

What I worried about at the time didn't happen, or happened and were far less difficult to resolve than I originally expected.  What's bit me has been not fully talking out and working through what my career choices would force on the household.  Right now, I'd not consider an international-travel offer, because we're a two-income household by choice, and my wife doesn't want another extended period of "only one of us parents partly around".