my name is Anja, I've been a member for about a year, but only enjoyed the podcasts so far and didn't really have time to explore the forums.

That's probably because I was employed (and not exactly in a "results oriented work environment") but after recently opening my own business I am now more in charge of my own time and plan to spend a lot of it here!

So... hello :)

I have worked as a people manager for several years in the corportate world. In the past I never wanted to be a manager as I don't like to control people and for some reason managing equalled control to me. So I never did control my team, but (as I found out later) coached them. And I enjoyed it so much and grew so many people into jr. managers that a big part of my job became coaching/mentoring other managers and I studied to become a coach.
People Management is now my passion, so with my business I want to dedicate myself to it fully.

Looking forward chatting with you all,

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The cards are cool: how are they selling?

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Hi Jeff,

thank you!

The cards are selling pretty well, even since before my website was up, from word of mouth only. Even my old employer is using them now, including my old boss, who was part of the reason why I left - can you imagine that kind of satisfaction, haha!


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[quote="aniinl"]People Management is now my passion, so with my business I want to dedicate myself to it fully.[/quote]

Welcome to the forums, Anja. And congratulations on finding a role where you can pursue your passion!


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Thank you, guys!


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I'm decidedly late to the party!

Welcome to the forums, Anja! I think you'll find some very like-minded people here.

I checked out your site - the cards are very cool! I think I'll share them with my boss tomorrow. I look forward to reading more from you as I catch up on the forums.

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Hi Julia,
thanks for the nice words!