Hello everyone,

I'm a 35 year old project manager from the south of Germany,
Right now i'm working in the energy storage business and are resposible for all kind
of different project about our products.
Starting at finding ways to connect our storage solutions to
energy management software up to managing the building
of mass energy solution.

At the moment only for Germany but in the near future all over the world.
My team is very small, just one direct and me, and we need to
work with all the other divisions in our company to get things done.

I started an apprenticeship at the age of 15 to become an electrician,
luckiely for me, I stumpled really early into the renewable business
an can now look back at 18 year experience there.

I builded, sold, planned and repaired photovoltaic systems from
1 to 5000 kWp, started/ build up a technical support division for a
chinese PV module manufacturer and trained hundrets of
people in the last few years.

Sadly, I discovered MT and CT just half a year ago,
all this information, wow, thank you Mark and Mike.
It could have been much easier for me, if I listened
to you earlier in my carrer.

Best regards,

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Hi Michael, 

Nice to meet you here. It is fantastic to see other managers from Germany here and on the past conference in Frankfurt.

It would be interesting to share some MT experience with other managers in Germany.

Kind Regards