Hi everyone,

I recently discovered the MT podcasts and have greatly benefited from listening to them.  Mark and Mike, thanks for the all the hard work.

I am a career Air Force officer with 18 ½ years of service.  This means that I have a little more than a year before I will move into the civilian world.  As other military retirees would no doubt agree, it will be a leap into the unknown.  Everything from writing resumes to preparing for traditional job interviews will be new to me.  I was glad to see that the sample resume posted on the MT site, almost mimics my career.  I will certainly follow the great example.

At the present time, I am the commander of a 25-person unit comprised of active duty, Reservists and civilian personnel.  Although I am a pilot by trade, I do not plan to pursue flying as a civilian profession.  Therefore, my biggest challenge is to figure out where to fit my other military experiences into the civilian sector.  Since most officers change positions every year or so, I have had a very diverse background.  

I look forward to being a part of the MT community.

Best regards,


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Welcome, Lance!

I was in NJ for 29 years until I moved out to Wisconsin in '08. Lots of good memories. You can keep, Trenton, though. ;)





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Welcome to the community.  Hopefully you've already figured out that Mike and I are West Pointers.  Further, I was a recruiter at Cameron-Brooks before I started this career.  Our interviewing series started on that early experience.  And my brother is a retired USAF F-16 pilot now flying for SW.

We're well suited to help - look forward to serving you.


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Thanks for the welcome Sam.  

We live in South Jersey.  It is nice here.  I'll have to agree with you about Trenton though. I have about another year and a half before I retire and move again.  

I hope you like Wisconsin.  

See you around the forum.


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I certainly appreciate the welcome.  You and Mike are doing a great job with the podcasts.  I've started listening to the early ones and am working my way up.  

I think its great that both you and Mark graduated from West Point.  I need to go up there and visit the campus.  I hear that it is really nice.  I am glad your brother got a job with SW. They are a great company.  A few years ago, I worked as a DoD commercial airline safety auditor and I enjoyed working with them.

I am interested in your perspective in transistioing from a military to civilian career.  Have you done any podcasts that specifically relate to this topic?  I am a C-130 pilot, but I think that I want to do something other than flying after I retire.  

Take care and thanks again.




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Lance, good to have another New Jerseyan on the forums!   I'm up north, more urban...


John Hack 

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Lance: I think its great that both you and Mark graduated from West Point.  I need to go up there and visit the campus.  
I hear that it is really nice.

Really?  I must have missed that in the 4 years I was there.  ;-)


Seriously, great to have you here, Lance.

Best Regards,

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Nice place to be from, but you wouldn't want to live there.  ;-)  Pretty pictures, but I hated every day... and would do it again.


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Glad to be here John.  Thanks for the message.  I live down in the McGuire/Ft Dix area. It's nice here.

I look forward to hearing from you in the forums.

Take care,


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Mike & Mark,

I guess the picture is a little different when you're a visitor instead of a cadet.   ;-)   There is certainly a lot of cool history there.  I went the other route and took an AF ROTC scholarship.  It worked out great for me. 

I just returned from a TDY in Massachusetts this afternoon and listened to your podcasts all the way home.  I was especially interested in the ones concerning coaching directs on interpersonal skills.  I'm having a heck of a time in this area with my Director of Operations.  I had to give him some very direct feedback last week.  It created a rather awkward work environment, but I didn't have a choice.  I should have listened to your podcasts months ago!

Have a good one,








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Had you been Army, you would have. :-)

Once a year, I'm funny.

Glad you're with us.  Mike and I appreciate your continued service.



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It took a while, but I'm glad I found you guys.  

Thanks to you both of you as well--for your Army service and for helping all of us through MT.

I hope we both beat Navy this year.  We owe them one!