I've been listening to the podcast for several months now and just recently started checking out the website. In fact I didn't know there was a forum unitl someone mentioned it in a comment to one of the posts. Guys may want to get that link in the main nav rather than the syndication area.

I currently work in the IT world which has been a transition over from a long-time Telecom career. It's funny how folks link those two together, and by my experience the IT has been nothing of the sort like Telecom. Both have their good and bad, but certainly at opposite poles.

I work as a web designer / project manager. No direct reports presently. I have had roles in the past as a Quality Mgr, Engineering Mgr, PM, Ops Mgr. Some at the equiv of Director level positions.

I really enjoy the podcast, I guess the best way to explain my situation is I'm having a tough time of letting the Tcom bubble go. It was the most exciting and fulfilling part of my career. It seems since then I've been judging my latter position very harshly because they don't meet my expectations of a company, of a job, of a..._____. It's been great listening to these podcasts over the past months because it's been a big taste of humble pie in that I realize I've been what's interfering with my career and not the job market or anything else for that matter. The good part is that I've been feeling a lot more energized about moving forward in my career instead of feeling resentful for falling back. Thanks guys!

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Ok, I just noticed when I went back to the main page that there is a section heading. Not sure why I didn't see that before, it's pretty huge. Please ignore my comments about the navigation menu....

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I hate when I do that.

Seriously, congratulations on the renewed perspective. It's AMAZING how much a little distance or self-realization can help.

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I know EXACTLY how you feel ... until now, I've never been energized as much as I was during the peak of the telecom days. It was quite a rush and I loved the company I was with. As much as I love what I'm doing now (Manager Tools), I have very fond memories of the good ole days.

Welcome to the discussion forums; hope to hear more from you.

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