Hello to all. I am Kerrie (known as K to most). I am so old I would have to lie about it lol - no seriously am 46 eeek and am currently running my own training company having worked for 18 years with very difficult and disturbed young people. My early career was in export and marketing and am now combining the people and business skills and training to run my own business.

Currently live in cambridge but am moving soon to Brighton - a new fresh start I guess. I have two adorable children 19 and 13 who are my main priority in life and a dog who is 6 (the baby of the family).

Am looking forward to participating here, hopefully I can add something. Am loving the podcasts so will be spending a while catching up with those as well as reading posts on here.


K :D

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Welcome ... great to have you here! And, particularly to me, 46 seems like a VERY good (and young) age! ;-)

best regards,

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thanks for the welcome Mike good to be here - and yes 46 is cool except I just can't stay up all night and go clubbing like I used to lol oh well such is life hahahaha

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Ooh hi there :) I live close to Brighton so perhaps once you are settled we could meet up and share thoughts on some of the MT techniques and issues we face putting them into practice!

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Hi there

thanks and as I know absolutely no one in Brighton (oooo a scary move after being in the same place for 17 years) it would be good to be in touch.