I am a PhD student with a major in biomedical engineering. Before starting graduate school, I was working with department of medical devices and custom service for 1 year.

I am currently updating my CV according to  Responsibility - Accomplishment system that is introduced in the podcast, however i am hard press to find relevent accomplishments for my previous work experience, that's why i asking for your help. I have listed my responsibilities for your consideration

  • I was in charge of inspecting medical products held in custom inspection service waiting for import clearance.
  • I was tasked with studying technical files and research papers documents issued for medical products waiting for initial clearance to be imported into the country teritory
  • I was auditing the production line before issuing production permit for medical devices

I cannot thank you enough for your help



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 What would your boss or your customer consider to be indicators of good performance?


For example with the customs  inspections, were there target times to complete an inspection after being added to the queue? If so, did you consistently hit/beat them?

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My Job was an administrative post,

On a single working day, i would have inspected up to 10 cases; i cannot imagine including all of them; can I give a total number of cases? but since i do not remember exact number i should estimate the number,  is it a negative point for me to stay candid and include the term "Estimate"?

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Personally I wouldnt. I think it is unnecesssary as a CV is by definition a summary. 

What about something like "achieved 100% inspections of 8-10 cases of widgets per day". Don't take that too exactly as it probably varies from the MT guidance, but hopefully you get my point.

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Obviously, with so few words available, your phrasing is very important.  So explore several variations while drafting your CV.  Round numbers imply estimation, so you can use that to your advantage.

Rrothwell's suggestion certainly cites one standard.  And there's probably also standards closer to the real business reasons for the work you did.  Maybe it's "reduced medical-device returns 98% by instituting, performing rigorous post-manufacture inspections on 25% sampling of daily output" and "halved medical-device import time by shifting initial technical inspections into customs clearance procedures".

-- Joseph (DiSC: 4247)