I have a supervisor that has been in his position for a couple of years. We work in a call center environment. This person is able to do daily task, but does not see that he needs develop his team. He sees the daily task but does not see that he needs to develop his team.  I have been listening to Manager – Tools podcasts for years now and have implemented one on ones and coaching. I have asked him to do the same for his team. He has implemented this and does the weekly one on ones like he is suppose to. However, he does not see the big picture that his team needs feedback. He is giving the feedback in the one on ones and is mostly adjusting feedback. I have tried to make him give short feed back to get him comfortable with giving feedback, but this does not seem to work He is just no buying in to the one on ones and coaching. He is just doing it because I have given him a task to do. So everything I give him to do is a task and he is good at task but it seems to me his heart is not in it or his job. I thnk he is doing this job just to collect a paycheck.

Does anyone have any suggestions? He is a High S in the DISC model.


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Difficult to comment as not totally clear on what the issue is. However if he is not developing individuals in the team then thats not good. People need to be pushed and stretched so that they can reach full potential. As a high S surely he is all about the people in the team and not really a task person. Maybe motivate him by championing the benefits to the team that him giving positive feedback and encouraging people to develop would bring.

What does the person themselves want and how do they want to develop? If they are stuck in a rut is there any way you can shake things up a bit? Give them a new project or help them develop and see the big picture. Then explain that they you are developing them, is what you expect of him for the team.