I am new to Manager Tools but joined after listening for about a year to the podcasts.  I hope someone out there has experience with some of my concerns.

I am a CONTRACTOR at a large Company and have been given leadership 'responsibility' to coordinate the front end strategy and design of a $300,000,000 per year project.  The capital costs on this project could be another $300,000,000 but you can see that this will have a significant impact on the business. The project is to build an environmental facility that will basically incinerate manufacturing waste for our company.  The project is international and has significant regulatory oversight.  I have been given the services of two contractors - Contractor 'One' is 70 year old person who has lots of industry experience but does not have up to date office skills.  And 'Two' is an employee of our in house service contractor working is a 'paid' adivisor. ' TWO'  has good industry experience in the area in question but has the skill sets most suited to sales. 'Two' has been doing their best to 'sell' their company services. 

I am responsible to incubate this project and have us ready for full roll out once we get a 'ruling' from our regulators on the technology we may use.


- Has anyone been a CONTRACTOR managing CONTRACTORS and what modifications do you use on the Trinity to get the job done?

- I have spoken with my managers about the potential conflict of interest for contractor TWO above (They are writing their 'scope of services' and setting market strategy for activities  that can increase their sales and profit.  I recently caught them over estimatimating a line item that could increase their profits by $$ millions of dollars.) and my managers tell me to 'go with the flow'.  What options do I have?  Advice?