I'm covering for my manger while she is away. I've struggled with a colleague.I appreciate I'm not her boss but while our manager is away I do need to assign projects to her which has been difficult to say the least. Hows can I assert the authority I don't have?! :-)

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Hi Frubia,

I understand the situation you are in and I think that positional power used is not necessary the best way to yield results, also as you say you do not have formal one at the moment.

Can you elaborate more on the exact behaviour? Can describe a situation when it proved hard to assign work to the employee?

I assume that you need to change approach - leadership requires employee to see the meaning of their work and to be led by example and with understanding while aware of deadlines and gently but firmly be pushed when needed. It is only then when results come and employees follow.


Of course, teh above is only my first opinion based on the info you provided - I would be able to comment more once you provide an exact situation.


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