I have been asked to provide ideas on how our internal IS department could be reorganised. We have about 100 people doing many of the normal internal IS roles you would expect (development, support, operations, etc)

Having worked in a number of IS departments over the years I have some ideas on how we could be structured but would like as much input as possible.

This is a very open ended question but can anyone help?

Are there some common patterns?

What works? What doesn't?

Are there any case studies? Any books? Web sites?

Any help would be very much appreciated





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If you do not already have a project management office then give strong consideration to creating one. Having an array of professional project managers engaging multiple groups in your company brings discipline to the planning process.


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The answer is really dependant on what your strategy is. However I assume as an IT department you have a operational or tactical focus, an application support or development area, project implementation or management area and maybe more. So you need to think about what do you want to deliver for your business. Is your department required to deliver IT systems in the most cost effective way, or are you trying to add value to the business by increasing sales through collaboration or other innovative technologies?

More detail on what you want to achieve and what your business is trying to achieve would be helpful.

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Bob Lewis is a consultant on the "business of IT", and he has written a few excellent books and a ton of columns around IT effectiveness, management, and organization.

I would buy his "21st Century Manifesto" book, and apply it to your situation.  He would be my first call if I were facing your situation and had any money to spend on consulting.