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Need advice on repairing damaged relationship with a High C direct.

Background - Me (High D 7-4-2-2) was implementing an org structure change and totally upset one of my High C directs with my go fast approach. Had all the warning signs, knew she could be most upset and then went a little too fast with the execution. Essentially looked like I was taking away her expertise power with the new structure. Was very upset (as much as a High C would show) said I basically took away her dignity. Ugh. Fail

Regrouping on the org changes as I received feedback from C to adjust responsibilities and ensure her technical value remains in tact. It is the right approach (if only). Had C review the changes and confirmed she was ok.

I apologized to the High C. Told her I made a mistake in going too fast and very sorry I made her upset. Want to make sure I get it right. 

Aside from doing what I said I would do after getting her buy-in, anything else you recommend in repairing this fractured relationship.