My good friend is venturing off on his own to start his own sign company (already has a great book of business). Located in the mid-atlantic area but doesn't want the name to pigeon hole him into anything (geography, specialty, etc).....any ideas? Thanks,


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That's kind of a broad range, isn't it? I think the best business name is one that means something to him personally.

My username here is AshDenver but it was originally AshRisen elsewhere and for my business ventures. The name started when I heard the mythology behind the Scorpio - how it became a phoenix, rising from its own ashes to soar along the skies. For me, Ash Risen means something - it's not tied to a speciality, a geography or anything really. In fact, I get odd looks when I share the name but it's still fairly memorable.

My advice to your friend would be to reach into his past or present and find something quirky (memorable) that still sounds professional for whatever ventures he may wander into in the future and go with something personally meaningful.

Otherwise, we'd just be stringing random words together as suggestions!

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I used SSP Consulting when I was working on contract. SSP = Shameless Self Promotion.

It amused me, but let everyone else just guess what it meant. And if they asked what it meant, then we both had a laugh.

I think Ashdenver is right--it should mean something to him first.