Hi everyone, what a great gathering ground!

I live in Ohio and work for a hospital network. We have 7 outpatient pharmacies and I am the operations manager. I am new to management, having been a staff pharmacist at one of the locations for the past 5 years. During that time, I chipped away (sllllooowwlyy) at an MBA. I learned quite a bit in graduate school, mostly due to pharmacy education NOT being very business oriented. I also do web development, which turned from late-night hobbie to something of an asset for our pharmacy network.

Good to meet everyone!

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Hi Anthony - it's good to meet you too!

Thanks for the intro and I hope you continue to find it a useful gathering ground. Particulalrly for me, pharmaceuticals is a long way from telecommunications and so I'll be interested to hear your stories, comments, thoughts and questions.



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Welcome aboard!

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Well met! Glad you're part of our community.

Where in Ohio? I know it well.


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Sorry for the late reply Mark - I am in Dayton, OH