Can I hide a promotion when interviewing?

At my current employer I accepted a promotion a few months ago. The problem is I'm just as dissatisfied with this role as I was with my previous role. My bigger issue is I need to just get out of this company.

I am going to be interviewing soon. I would like to present myself as being in my previous role at my current company, which I only fully transitioned out of 3 weeks ago. My primary reasons are I don't want to appear unsure of who I am, I don't want to appear to be someone who leaves too quickly and I think my last role is more relevant than my promotion.

However, I'm worried about what would happen in the background check. My promotion only added the word "senior" to my title so it's not a big difference. I'm wondering if I have the option to not allow them to call my current employer. I also would assume it's really more of a red flag if you claim to be higher up than you are and not the other way around, but I don't know how these things work.

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I think you're looking for a blessing to misrepresent your current position. I don't believe that is appropriate. When they find out, it's still going to reflect badly on you, and worse than "leaving too quickly". You can be honest and just say it is time for a change with a new employer.

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You have to tell the truth.  From there you can change your statements to be more persuasive - so long as you are honest.  

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I agree with the previous respondents.  You could say somethign like 'I was recognised recently for my prior good performance, but I was previously looking for a new challenge, and the recent recognition hasn't changed my desire to take on somethign new.


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