I am a High C and I have a High D direct with a recurring communications problem, which has also occurred with everyone who has previously supervised this individual.

I do O3s and use the Feedback model with this person and I have tried using DISC and the Trinity to improve communications with this direct, but this person will appear to improve for a time and then reverts back to previous behavior.

Sighs, snickers, and eye rolling accompany any responses to questions, or assigned tasks and projects.

Pushback is often received and my shot across the bow escalates the communication problem, with the Direct's usual response to any perceived communication issue, is to do a skip and request clarification of job responsibilities from my supervisor or further up the chain(which has occurred at least 3 times with different levels of management and HR).

I have applied for the recently open position of my supervisor, and have a 2nd interview next week. I am concerned that this recurring problem will have an impact on this process since I will still be reporting to the the same person and will still have the same Direct.

Previous office culture was more acceptable and permitted this Direct's behavior. Current office environment is completely different and Direct has had a hard time adjusting, even though this change occurred 2 years ago.

Sorry for the long background, but how do I respond to these behaviors, besides being  visibly annoyed, which I have tried to avoid, since I am normally a calm person. I have 2 other Directs and I have no problems with them.

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Sounds like you and he are ready for systemic feedback and late stage coaching: 

John Hack