Keoki Andrus did a great presentation at BYU in April. Here is the archive

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Would you please abstract it for us a bit? Thanks.


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Starts out with the questions:
[quote]If you had to choose: Would you rather populate a project with a team of high performers or run an average team with awesome processes and tools?[/quote]
[quote]What percentage of people hired into your organization are high potential?[/quote]
[quote]What percentage are High performers?[/quote]

It then proceeds to present ways to convert high potential to high performers. Like Manager Tools it is loaded with actionable ways to change your behavior.

The overview slides says
What you'll learn:
Three keys to inspiring high performance.
[list]Design and deliver RFME solutions.
Manage for Passion.
Be a leader people [i]want[/i] to follow.
[/list:u]Also includes pitfalls.

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You know, I have been thinking about this. I think one of the things I liked was how it seemed to ring true with the 12 questions in First Break All the Rules.