In the podcast on DISC high S Mark & Mike say that the high S doesn't really like public recognition or direct praise, they want the team to get the create.  What I didn't realize, and recently experienced, is how extreme this can be.  It recently clicked with me what this really can mean: they may get upset with the praise and even see this as a moral issue.  I had given a person some praise and they kept deflecting it, so I gave it again thinking they didn't understand me.  They then got upset and even started telling me stuff they had done wrong.  I was blown away - thought that was totally odd.  It wasn't until later I made the connection with the high S - kind of that a-ha moment.  I say a moral issue because if the person has a religious orientation and they are a high S, they may confuse the high S orientation with that of lack of humility.

Anyone else see that?

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I'm a  High S (strong D) and I love to get praise.  I also make sure my team gets credit where credit is due. I hadn't thought about perceiving it as a moral issue, but I don't disagree with that.

More importantly, there could be other variables at play here. For example, it sounds to me like the person just doesn't know how to accept a compliment. I had that problem years ago. It had less to do with my profile and more to do with my then lack of confidence. As I matured, I learned how to accept a compliment.

So, it's possible that there are two sets of causes here, not one.  High S and lack of maturity or self confidence.Or another reason entirely.

I would encourage all of us to ask ourselves if there could be other factors involved beyond DiSC. Otherwise, we may arrive at the wrong conclusions.